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New subsidiary dedicated to virtual production, member of the EPIC Games Megagrant program!
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UseCase_RealTimeMocap_Unreal_2021.mp4 Use case for testing full performance capture (body, face and fingers) in real time with Unreal Engine and Meta Humans 0 42 secs
Making of "Notre dame de paris, l'épreuve des siècles" Making of du docu-fiction - "Notre dame de paris, l'épreuve des siècle" 2 925 secs
Laissez-vous guider : Au cœur de la révolution française - Making of Reconstructions 3D et VFX par Solidanim
Production par Morgane, Prod & Cie
Emission diffusée sur France 2
0 181 secs
VIRTUAL PROD @ EAPlay 2018 -- ANTHEM Live Opening EAPlay 2018 : Augmented Reality Opening Sequence.
Teamwork with The Mill, Microfilms and SolidTrack.
0 30 secs
Virtual Studio by SolidAnim 2018 -- Live Performance & Cameras Tracking In collaboration with : Cinedesk, Sublab, Microfilms and Arcade Bit 1.
Music score : Velvet Club by Gaetan Vigier
0 70 secs
MOF Démo Croc Blanc MOF Démo Croc Blanc 0 89 secs

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