Real Time Camera Tracking Solution dedicated to Movie production and Onset Previs

What is it ?

• SolidTrack is an optical based real-time tracking solution developped and patented by Solidanim.

• Very light and fast to set-up, it also allows free camera moves.

• It delivers accurate tracking, image sync., zoom & focus data, communication with live render engines, multi axes tracking.

Main use cases

• Movie production

• Onset Previs

• Fast set-up of encoded cranes or heads (3D localisation and change of origin)

• Out door shooting

Why use SolidTrack ?

• SolidTrack is light and fast to set-up.

• It can be use for inside and outside shootings

• Free camera moves

• Very limited hardware

Features and technical specs

• Sync and genlock signal mastering

• Free-D, OSC and other main communication protocols (custom output on-demand)

• Compatible with Unity, Unreal (Zero Density®) and other render systems

• FBX export for post-production